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Paco de Lucía, The Only Innovator of Contemporary Flamenco Guitar
The Difference Between Classical and Flamenco Guitars
Paco de Lucía, The Only Innovator of Contemporary Flamenco Guitar

The purpose of this article is:

  1. To establish that Paco de Lucía is the only real innovator of contemporary flamenco music;
  2. To demonstrate that all of the current techniques now regarded as “general flamenco techniques”—including many practices in the harmonic, melodic, rhythmic and compositional realms—are essentially innovations of Paco de Lucia’s and should therefore be called regarded as “Paco de Lucia techniques” rather than “general flamenco techniques”;
  3. To show that, in order to be a genuine flamenco guitar player, it is essential to study and to grasp thoroughly the principles of traditional flamenco—more specifically, the flamenco style as known and practiced before Paco de Lucia—and then to study Paco de Lucia’s contributions and innovations and thereby achieve a profound knowledge of the tenets of harmony (both classic and contemporary) as they apply to contemporary flamenco music; and
  4. To dispel the notion that flamenco guitar is merely about passion and “aire” (a flamenco term that denotes  “feeling” or “emotion”) and that it should not be approached from an structured (academic, if you will) point of view; i.e., through research based on the orthodox tenets of theory and harmony as well as guitar technique. Keep reading .....



 I worked on this article with the intention to demonstrate and validate the evolution of the flamenco guitar as an instrument these days, namely the flamenco guitar as it developed now as opposed to the standard classical flamenco guitar conception.

Note* If you are sentimentally attached to the cliché standard guitars please don’t read this article.

This article is meant only for those contemporary guitarists who are not satisfied with conventional cliché guitars, for those of progressive avant-garde taste and for enthusiasts of innovation and up to date art.

I dedicate it to the memory of my preceptor who always encouraged the practice of existing, performing, playing and thinking out-of-the-box. Keep reading...


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