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Ruben Díaz Biography
Ruben Díaz has been deeply involved in flamenco music and culture with the gipsy community of southern Spain since a very early age which, in turn, led back to what was to become a longstanding and close association with Paco de Lucía who has been both Ruben’s example and preceptor for more than two decades. At the same time he obtained a solid foundation in Composition (Humberto Hernandez Medrano) Classical guitar technique (Manuel Lopez Ramos) and Modern Harmony.
Chick Corea's Letter
Andalusian Flavor  
andalusian flavor Por Chick (Bulerías) by Ruben Diaz

Ruben Díaz: Flamenco Guitar Bill McBirnie: Flute, Lorne Lofsky: Electric guitar, Luis Guerra: Piano and electric piano, Juan Pablo Domínguez: Bass, Bhadra Dasi: Cajón, Michael Carabine: Arpeggio with metal string guitar, Stephen Richter: Arpeggio


3 de Junio (Alegrias) by Ruben Diaz

Ruben Díaz: Flamenco Guitar & handclaps. Bill McBirnie: Flute. Luis Guerra: Keyboards. Juan Pablo Domínguez: Bass. Alexander Brown: Trumpet. Luis Deniz: Alto sax. Chris Butcher: Trombone. Bhadra Dasi: Cajón.

Featuring: Bill McBirnie, Lorne Lofsky, Juan Pablo Domínguez, Luis Guerra, Alex Brown, Luis Deniz and Chris Butcher  

Linea di Confine

linea di confine Colibri (Massimo Colombo)

Massimo Colombo – Piano
Walter Caloni – Drums
Stefano Cerri –Bass
Stauffer Quartet of Viena – Strings RubenDiaz -Flamenco Guitar & Handclaps

Released in Italy in 1993
(As special guest)


A lotus flower for you

lotus flower for you

(Lyrics: Astaratha Dasa, Music: Mario Toffalori, Arr. Dharma Turri)

Renzo Vigagni – Piano
Pepe Fiore –Tabla
Gandharvika Dasi – Voice
Ruben Diaz – Flamenco Guitar

Released in Italy in 1995
(In collaboration with Dharma Turri, Renzo Vigagni and Pepe Fiore between others)


Verona Suite

verona suite Rumba Verona Suite (Ruben Diaz)

Rodrigo Castelan – Bass
Jako Gonzalez Grau – Sax
Ruben Diaz – Flamenco Guitar & Keyboards

Released in Germany in 2006  

Ruben Díaz 2018